At Christensen Agri-Seeds, strong agronomic information is our pursuit. We believe in testing and evaluating a lot of different products each year to help determine the best placement for not only our own seed and chemical products, but also new products outside of what we sell. We test a lot of things on our own farms each year, in addition to collecting information our growers test. We compile this information and present it, as is, to our customers and allow them to determine if these practices or products are profitable.

Besides the common side-by-side product trials, here is a list of trials we are actively working on or have recently done:

  • Corn Population
  • Soybean Population
  • Soybean Seed Treatment
  • Kernel Size Factor per Bushel
  • 32% vs NH3
  • ATS at Side-dress on Corn
  • Nitrogen on soybeans
  • PivotBio ProveN Biological
  • Source Biological
  • BioCore Biological
  • Fungicide Trials (corn & soybeans)
  • Flexstar vs. Dicamba
  • Row Width on soybeans