Titan Pro® Crop Protection

About Titan Pro, SCI

Titan Pro, at its core, is an independent, family-owned company that supplies seed, crop protection, plant performance products, and crop insurance to growers across our Midwest footprint.

Our mission is to deliver a proven portfolio of value-added solutions that enable growers, dealers, and Titan Pro to prosper.

As we continue to grow, our roots remain grounded in our philosophy that growers deserve choices when it comes to their operation. Our unbiased product offerings give each grower the benefit of choice.

Herbicides, Insecticides, & Fungicides

We offer herbicide options from Corteva, BASF, Bayer, FMC, Valent, AMVAC, Syngenta, and generic products as well.  There are many options available from a lot of different companies and oftentimes they have the same things in a different name or jug.  Let us help you build a plan that works for your weed control problems and your budget.

New Products for 2022 coming soon!  Check back here to see more.

Proteris Adjuvants

There are a lot of choices when it comes to adjuvants and many times they all look the same.  Picking the “cheapest” one is rarely the best option.  We have seen flowability and compatibility issues with “cheap” products before.  We offer our own line of adjuvants under the Proteris label.  All Proteris adjuvants are designed to maximize the effectiveness of your active ingredients while keeping our environment safe and clean for the next generation.

Learn more about Proteris here.


Rebates, Offers, & Programs

Our ability to work with various companies also means balancing between a lot of programs.  Let us explain how TruChoice, Bayer Rewards, or any of the other company programs and rebates work.  We can help you maximize your program at the least cost.  Sometimes the brand name product may cost less than a generic similar product if you utilize the programs correctly.

Programs for 2022 will become available soon - check back for updates!

Financing Options

We are able to offer financing through various companies including John Deere Finance, TruChoice, Rabo, or through company programs.

Rebate programs for the 2022 crop season will be posted here when available.