8/16 Weather Update

Weather Update:


GDU Update:

Since planting: 1988

Vs. 20-year average: +111

Vs. last year: 2018 (only 30 behind now)


Rainfall Update:

Since planting: 13.19”

Vs. 20-year average: -5.17”

Vs. last year:  16.5” (-3.31”  we are continuing to gain on 2020)

We’ve talked about how important temps are and how important full sunny days help the crop develop.  Below is a chart showing solar radiation for this growing season.  I was surprised we are farther behind normal than this. But you also notice we don’t have many high-energy days either the last couple of weeks.  We need more high-energy days for this crop to finish.


Solar Radiation In Corn Production