8/16 Pest Update

Pest Update:



Aphids – hard to find any, sprayed or not doesn’t matter, they are just hard to find

CRW – see above, they are still a mess, and gravid (pregnant) females are easier to find



Waterhemp – Yeah, it is everywhere.  It’s becoming more common in beans, and there is a lot more in corn than I thought.

Volunteer Corn – this is a weed anywhere you can see it in corn.  It causes more yield loss than any other weed and should be treated as one.  It was harder to kill this year it seems like, but dry corn in the fall leads to more header loss and more volunteer corn the next year.



Soybeans –

SDS & White mold are starting to show – while it is coming in late, they can still cause some issues (more info below on these)

Frogeye, Brown Spot – both extremely low pressure

Corn –

Eyespot, Gray Leaf Spot, and even Northern Corn Leaf blight are a little bit easier to find now, especially in fields that were not sprayed.  While they are easier to find, they are not even close to a threshold that will cause yield damage yet.  They can take leaf tissue quickly, but dry weather will slow their spread.

Stalk rots – I have not seen any signs of stalk rot yet, but it is still early, the plant is still filling those kernels and it hasn’t had to cannabilize the stalk yet – we will continue to monitor for any potential issues.


That’s enough for this week – let us know if you have any questions / comments / concerns and we will get you an answer.


Have a great week, and let’s hope for another round of rain this weekend!