Your Independent Pioneer® and Titan Pro® Sales Agent

Corn in field

Christensen Agri-Seeds started in the fall of 1987 when Steve was hired as a new sales rep for Pioneer Seed. He replaced the newly retired Myron Myers who was the local rep in Riceville before him. He spent the first few years learning the way with the drought of 1988 leading the way. He built the business over the years as other reps began to retire and the territory began to expand. In the fall of 2007, his son Barry moved back and began transitioning into the more day-to-day roles. The fall of 2010 saw an expansion with the investment in ProBulk seed bins for soybeans and brand new seed treatment equipment. In 2017, Barry became the sales rep and in the fall of 2019 Marcus Uthe was hired to help the business expand again as they took on crop protection products with an agreement with Titan Pro, SCI.

Currently we offer a full lineup of Pioneer seed including corn, soybeans, and alfalfa. We provide ProBulk soybeans and on-site prescriptive treating to accommodate your needs. We also offer everything from brand name to generic herbicide, fungicide, and insecticide products, adjuvants, and more.


9/13 Soybean Update

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